Software Engineer: High Performance Networking

  • High-performance networking specialist.

  • Will be responsible for mission critical low latency systems.

  • Must have strong network programming experience, ideally in a fast-paced game environment.

    Stirling Labs' goal is to enhance the human capacity for collaboration. Our xSpace virtual reality collaboration system enables people to work together to more fully understand and improve the complex built environments that they are creating now, which will become the world of tomorrow.

    With a strong focus on real-time, multi-threaded, low-overhead software development, you will work with a small, dedicated team of developers solving complex problems. This growing team seeks a highly talented software engineer to work on components of complex systems.

    This is a startup development environment so you can make a big difference but our focus on sustainability means the hours aren’t crazy. Developers typically work independently on a mix of short term (1-2 days), mid-term (1-3 week) and long term (1-6 month) projects. To work in this fast paced, dynamic, and demanding environment you must be an exceptional programmer capable of cross-platform development on Linux & Windows.

    Primary Responsibilities

    • Designing and implementing variety of networking protocols and systems to create advanced features for real-time data, voice & video.

    • Developing new software as well as enhancing existing systems in a variety of languages, predominantly C++, C# and Go.

    • Working with distributed, multi-threaded systems with a strong emphasis on efficiency, throughput and latency.

    • Developing real-time & multi-threaded code for both Windows and Linux.

    • Fast paced development environment.


    • 4+ years of professional programming experience (open to junior and senior candidates).

    • Experience with large projects.

    • Experience with Linux is desirable.

    • Degree in Computer Science / Engineering or equivalent experience.

    • Stable career history.

    • Excellent communication skills.

    • Network programming and / or internet protocols experience

    This role will see you creating very advanced VR technology, while collaborating with some of the world’s largest companies.

    Remote working is supported in most areas and we have hubs in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Helsingør.