Rhino Polygonisation

This guide details how to bake out your Rhino NURBS model as a polygon mesh.  This method will change your model in ways that you probably don't want to keep as your master version, so be sure to save a backup before following along.

Step 1

From the top menu, select Mesh > Mesh from NURBS Object:

Step 2

You will be prompted to select the objects you wish to convert:

Step 3

Select all objects with Ctrl+A, or via Edit > Select Objects > All Objects:

If you don’t want to convert the entire model, you can use selection tools to hand-pick the components you’d like to polygonise.

Step 4

Once you’ve made your selection, press Enter

Step 5

The Polygon Mesh Options dialog will appear:

These settings define the allowable divergence between the generated mesh and the NURBS. In general cases, simply leaving the slider in the middle and clicking OK is going to give a good enough result, but you can preview different settings here to fine-tune the output if needed.

Step 6

If you’re satisfied with the result, skip directly to step 8.

Step 7

If there were any issues with the quality of the resulting mesh, it may be necessary to start over, this time rebuilding problem surfaces prior to running the conversion.

Undo the conversion or reload the initial model.

  1. Select any object which requires rebuilding, and click Edit > Rebuild.

  2. The Rebuild Surface menu (pictured below) will appear.

  3. Set the Degree values to 1, then adjust the Point Count values and click the Preview button until you reach a satisfactory result, then click OK.

  4. Repeat for any other objects which require rebuilding, then repeat the main polygonisation process from Step 1 of this guide.

Step 8

Select File > Save As and add “-poly” to the end of the filename (before the .3dm): E.g. RhinoModel-poly.3dm


If you have any suggestions on how this workflow could be improved, please let us know.

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