Stirling Labs has developed a number of breakthrough technologies, a high-level overview of some of the key technologies behind our products includes:

The Stirling Engine

A high-performance virtual reality graphics system designed to render millions of objects and billions of polygons in real time. While game engines are designed for high-performance graphics tasks, they need hand-optimised geometry or relatively small models in order to perform well. A typical game engine might render thousands of objects and around 10 million polygons in a scene but a ship is made from millions of objects and around 1 billion polygons. The Stirling Engine can directly open a CAD file of any complexity and seamlessly render all of the detail in real time, with no pre-processing or simplification.

The model is rendered in a way that makes it very responsive and rich, with sophisticated light and surface detail simulations that update at 90 frames a second on low-persistence full colour OLED headsets which eliminate motion effects on individuals.


SLVR (silver) is a very mature and full-featured virtual reality user interface, allows users to interact with the design in a highly intuitive manner.  Engineered through many thousands of hours of research and user-interaction experiments, SLVR provides exceptional capabilities in a natural manner. Using an easy-to-understand “direct manipulation” paradigm that reduces the level of concentration users must apply just to use the system. It is very simple to pick up and use and very powerful for experienced users.


MeetingSpace technologies provide a natural and intuitive new way to interact with others to communicate design and construction ideas. Within an office or across the world, MeetingSpace is a seamless platform for holding design and engineering meetings inside the structure you are designing. Dynamic bandwidth adjustment keeps network requirements very reasonable while our advanced server system supports up to 64 simultaneous users within a single space.