Stirling Labs has developed a great depth of resources on Virtual Reality and how to apply it to business.  We can help you in numerous ways.

Business Transformation

Business process services - assisting organisations to achieve maximum gains in productivity and greater levels of control and coordination working with internal teams to understand the possibilities and benefits from using ShipSpace.

Knowledge Management

Working with organisations to capture the results of conversations, expert opinion, changes and innovations from the use of our tools which will also enable faster design iterations and learning.

Virtual Reality

VR Technology consulting  - we provide access to the deep well of VR and interaction design experience we have gained over many years,

Seamlessly bringing in the CAD models from any system and also integrating PLM and other metadata into the model for access using the SLVR interface, bringing a deeper level of understanding and access to the model to assist

Technology Integration

Research -  from user studies such as perception of space or understanding of interfaces to fundamental computer science such as advanced rendering, raytracing, fluid and physics simulation, robot control systems, machine or human learning.

Development services - includes specific features or custom tools. The development team has a wealth of experience and access to our internal toolkits. We can extend existing tools to add specific capabilities, create new applications or help to direct your internal teams.

Research and Development