Cruise Ships

In the competitive world of cruising, ShipSpace can reduce your operational expenses and create more opportunities for customer satisfaction. 

Reducing energy expenditure and saving fuel is a part of running an efficient vessel but it's not the only important factor.  Efficient galleys and laundries can also lead to a significant reduction of manpower and space requirements.  Good logistics also enables the crew to achieve the highest quality demanded by passengers.  ShipSpace enables work spaces to be easily optimized by enabling designers and subject-matter experts to work together in a realistic and intuitive virtual environment, where ideas can be quickly understood, tested and iterated until the perfect solution is reached. 

Interior design concepts, from large public spaces to the smallest cabins, can be experienced true-to-life, in full scale and with realistic lighting and furnishings.   The ability to experience a design before any construction commences allows iteration on fundamental design questions to an extent not possible before.  Such attention to detail helps align the design language with the corporate identity and ensures that passengers have the very best experience possible.

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